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How to 6 figure Your Speech, Coaching and Experiences


2022 is right around the corner...

...and like most people, you are probably thinking about how you can make 2022 better than 2021...


Well to help you make more impact and more income in the upcoming year, Coach Kantis has broken down a simple business strategy to leverage your voice and expertise.

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In this video, Kantis will break down the math on what your speaking fee needs to be to hit the 6 figure mark in 2022.

Plus he breaks down how to turn your knowledge and expertise into a book, online course, or coaching program to surpass the $100k mark.

Using this simple business calculator, you will clearly see what you should focus on next year, especially with all the distractions and shining objects in the world.

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PS: On December 18th, we are holding a website walkthrough to help speakers, coaches, and authors with their foundational webpages to build an authority website that makes them passive income, with the right strategy and clear focus.

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