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The Power of "Not Doing"


Can I be real with you?

I'm tired of seeing copy cats...

I'm tired of seeing speakers trying to be like me...

I'm tired of hearing the rhymes and poetic phrases that everyone recycles...

Listen, it's time for you to be YOU...and share your message that will change lives.

In this video, CJ breaks down the power of "Not Doing", and how it is the key to stand out in a crowded industry.

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This video is just a piece of what we shared during our private speaker bootcamp.


In a few days, we will host another bootcamp to discuss more of this and show you how the top 1% of speakers are still succeeding in this industry, whether on-stage or online.

You can get access to the bootcamp, when you join our private clients.

To your success,

- ET

P.S. Your message can change the world, so why isn't the world hearing it? watch this video and STAND OUT!



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