"Who Else Wants To Be Trained By The World's #1 Motivational Speaker and Learn Step-by-Step How To Use Your Voice and Expertise to Become a Highly Paid Public Speaker"

 "Game Changer Works...When You Work It!"
By joining Game Changer, I not only increased my speaking fee, booked more paid speaking opportunities but have been given the proven strategies to maximize and monetize my message by launching an online course. The program WORKS!

- Nathalie Nelson Parker

 "From Free to Six-Figures in a Year"
After years of trying to do it on my on, I got CONNECTED! Spending time with the guru, following his steps, and seeing him put in the work, made it plan and simple. Do what you see...and get what he gets. I went from speaking from free to a fee. and six-Figures in one year.

-Kendall Ficklin

Are you Ready To CHANGE THE WORLD With Your Message?

Listen!! The #1 question, I've been asked over my 20+ year speaking career is... 

..."ET, Can you help me do what you are doing?" 

..."ET, Can you help me craft a full keynote speech?"

..."ET, Can you help me get paid to speak and turn my message and story into impact? "

So CJ and I (plus our certified coaches) want to personally show you how to dominate your lane and become a highly paid public  speaker.

During our exclusive Speaker  Program, we’re going to teach you how to: 

- use your voice and message to influence your niche, so that you can dominate your lane and be the go-to authority in your lane...

- help people transform with your message, so they can can reach their goals and contribute their success to you... 

- impact and become an authority in YOUR industry, so that you can fill you calendar with paid opportunities.

You will also learn the art of crafting a speech, so you can use your stories and expertise to keep everyone that hear you engaged and excited.

Our goal is to help you build a brand that sticks out in your niche, so you constantly get the attention of key decision makers in your niche.

We’ll also be right along side you helping you market your speaking services to the RIGHT people, so you can turn unpaid speaking opportunities into PAID opportunities.

To be transparent... 

...you’re about to get ALL of the tools and strategies we used to make me the #1 Motivational Speaker in the world.

My mission has always been to help others and we’re helping others like you who are also ready to change the world with their message...

... except you get to do it using our proven methods and blueprint. 

In order for you to learn from me and my team you have to become a part of our Certified Speakers program and attend our LIVE 2-day Virtual Training event held on Saturday and Sunday, April 10th - April 11th, 2021.

Our mission has always been to change the world with our message. 

Now it’s time we help you do the same with yours. 

- Dr. Eric Thomas

Dr Eric Thomas, Motivational Speaker, Author
Carlas 'CJ' Quinney,  President of ETA, Professional Speaker Coach
Kantis Simmons, Speaker Coach,
Director of ETA Game Changers
"They Helped Turn My Co-Parenting Advice into a #1 New Released Book "
- Kevin Scott
"I Was Able to Increase My Coaching Fee 10x By Connecting with ETA"
- Kenneth Mallard
"Grammy Award-Winning Expresses How Game Changers was a Paradigm Shift."
- Joel Kibble
"It's So Much More Than Just Speaking, It's a System, It's a Strategy, It's a Science"
"ETA Showed Me How to Turn My Financial Literacy Advise into a Message"
.- David Leech
"Book Publisher Makes More in One Month, Than She Did in All of 2019"
- Renetta, Sophisticated Press
Here's WHAT YOU GET When You Enroll in Game Changers Speaker Program Today!
Get your personal questions answered from Dr. Eric Thomas and Carlas "CJ" Quinney, the World's Top Motivational Speaker & Trainer to discover how to craft your story, share your message, and book paid opportunities while impacting your niche.
($39,997 Value)
Speaker for Profit - 7 Module Video Course Shows You How to Define Your Core Message and Instantly Profit From it

Speaker Reach - 6 Module Training Course Which Shows You How to Market Your Speaker Services to Book Paid Speaking, Training or Coaching Clients

Speaker Machine - 6 Module Course Will Demonstrate How to Monetize and Systematize your Message, So You Can Turn It Into Books, Curriculums, Courses and Coaching Programs
($3,997 Value)
July 17th-18th, 2021
Get the opportunity to train and learn personally from Dr. Eric Thomas, CJ Quinney, and ETA Coaches to get hands-on feedback about being a pro speaker, influencer and trainer during our QuarterlySpeaker  Bootcamp on July 2021.

At this Exclusive live 2-Day Virtual Training you'll be able to finally understand how to use your voice and message to influence your niche, help people, and impact an industry.

Plus rub virtual shoulders with other speakers and influencers who have been trained and certified by Eric Thomas & Associates
($9,997 Value)
The ETA Game Changers Facebook Group is an exclusive private group for those participating in the Game Changers Speaker Program. This is the perfect place to discuss your progress in the weekly projects, and to celebrate the wins!

You'll make life-long friends and be able to be cheered on in your walk as a speaker, influencer, trainer and author.
GAME CHANGER  “Pro Speaker Playbook
150 page manual of scripts, templates and "how to" on getting paid as a speaker and eliminate your learning time to ramp up your business and quickly make impact.
($497 Value)
Don't Do This ALONE!
Too many speakers attempt to embark on this journey alone, trying to craft their message, and sift through hundreds of strategies to build their speaking businesses on their own. 

As a result of all this trial and error, they end up disappointed, running out of time, money, and losing confidence in themselves...ultimately not sharing their message and story with anyone.

After seeing this happen to too many speakers and influencers, CJ and I decided to create this Speaker Certification program so you can learn directly from us...

... and learn our most successful strategies in 2-days, plus get our mentorship and trainings over a 90 day period with a personal, done-with-you, fast-tracked 'doing' experience...

All to give you the most impactful, most influential, and most income and powerful 2021. 
This isn't just another training...

 This is a high-end Mastermind for serious speakers, influencers, coaches, and trainers...

"I Found My Own Voice, and Have Built my Own Business...Crusade...and Tours."
- David Shands, Entrepreneurship Expert (Clarkston, GA)
"Now I'm Getting Booked All Over the Globe, Because I Did What They Said!"
- Jeremy Anderson, Youth Motivational Speaker (Atlanta, GA)
"I Had a Gift, Yet Was Confused...Now It's a Full-Time Business"
- Mike Nelson, School Motivational Speaker (Philadelphia, PA)
"From Speaking as a Teacher, To Now Speaking and Training School Districts"
- Valarie Humphrey, Education Specialist (Chicago, IL)
"I Could Speak, But I Didn't Have a Business. Now I Speak for Nike and Others."
.- Taurus Montgomery, Student Athlete Speaker (Mobile, AL)
"I Secured a Contract for $17,500 to Speak to Fathers...and then Lunch Ladies"
- Shon Hart, Fatherhood Expert (Lansing, MI)
Here's What You Can EXPECT, when you enroll today! 
In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect when enrolling in Game Changers Speaker Certification Program and attend our LIVE 2-Day Virtual Training, mastermind calls, and go through our online trainings:
  • Help you use your voice to influence and impact people and become a highly paid industry leader in your niche.
  • Help you solidify more speaking opportunities, build a business around your knowledge and expertise, so you can grow your income...how ever large you desire it to be.
  • Show you how to make it easy to share you message and advice and do it with confidence on stage, face-to-face, or in an online program.
  • ​Give you the framework to market your speaking services, books, courses, and coaching programs, and help you become the "true guru" in your lane.
  • ​Reduce the overwhelm of trying to dominate a niche and give you a step by step process to do so (the exact strategy that we have used and the ones that help our certified speakers grow their influence and income instantly.
  • ​... and much, MUCH More!
Don't miss out on this Speaker Certification and our Exclusive live 2-Day Virtual Training where you can put the pieces together and learn how to dominate your lane and learn from ET and CJ, the #1 motivational speaker and professional speaker trainer in the world..

Register Now!
More Success Stories From Our Certified Speakers... 
"My Whole Life and Business Has Changed By Connecting with Game Changers."
- Shelly Shelton, Women's Empowerment Coach (Richmond, VA)
  • 12 Mastermind Calls and Strategy Sessions
  • Exclusive Online Training Courses
  • ​Private FB Community of Like-Minded Speakers
  • ​GAME CHANGER “Pro Speaker Playbook

 "ETA Has Changed My Life and Business"
ETA has changed my life! I will literally earn more than 6 figures in a single calendar year of speaking, coaching and consulting services.

- Anthony Flynn

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