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"From Free to Six-Figures in a Year" - Kendall Ficklin

After years of trying to do it on my on, I got CONNECTED! Spending time with the guru, following his steps, and seeing him put in the work, made it plan and simple. Do what you see...and get what he gets. I went from speaking from free to a fee...and six-figures in on year.

"Game Changer Works...When You Work It!" -Nathalie Parker

By joining Game Changer, I not only increased my speaking fee, booked more paid speaking opportunities but have been given the proven strategies to maximize and monetize my message by launching an online course. The program WORKS!, when you work it.

"ETA has changed my Life and business" - Anthony Flynn

ETA has changed my life! I will literally earn more than 6 figures in a single calendar year of speaking, coaching and consulting services...and I have done this over and over the last few years. Execute on everything ETA suggests.

"I Have Booked More Speaking Gigs and Made More Money (during a Pandemic)... because I did what The Coaches Said "

-Mike Nelson (ETA Certified Speaker)


"Because of Game Changers, I made my first $100k in a year, and now just closed a $99k Contract"

-Jonathan Medina (ETA Certified Speaker)


"It's So Much More Than Just Speaking, It's a System, It's a Strategy, It's a Science"

-Audrey Davis (ETA Certified Speaker)


"Grammy Award-Winner Expresses How Game Changers was a Paradigm Shift."

-Joel Kibble (ETA Certified Speaker)


"Book Publisher Makes More in One Month, Than She Did in All of 2019"

-Renetta  Gunn Stephens (ETA Certified Speaker)


"Game Changers Gave Me the Roadmap to Book 3 Fully Paid Speaking Gigs in Just 3 months"

- J.Bryant (ETA Certified Speaker)


"I Was Able to Increase My Coaching Fee 10x By Connecting with ETA"

Ken Mallard (ETA Certified Speaker)


"Now I'm Getting Booked All Over the Globe, Because I Did What ET & CJ Said!"

-Jeremy Anderson (ETA Certified Speaker)


"ETA Showed Me How to Turn My Financial Literacy Advise into a Message"

-David Leech (ETA Certified Speaker)


"They Helped Turn My Co-Parenting Advice into a #1 New Released Book "

-Kevin Scott (ETA Certified Speaker)


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